The Networkers secret!

Networkers are made not born. The best Networkers I have met, in their earlier days were shy, lacked confidence, and had low self-esteem. The majority of those top Networkers are women and there is one reason for that.

That reason is most women know how to make a person feel important by listening to them as if they only person in the room.

“Conveying to others is that you’re willing to listen the keys you value what they have to say is a way of demonstrating that you care. It is the way of being inspiring of listening like God…Who sets the example for allowing you to be what you choose to be. Be a good listener!” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

This means that you do not necessarily have to be that good with people. You do not necessarily have to be extrovert. You do have to show that you are interested and that you care.

So the biggest secret of how to be a successful networker is to Listen!!!