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Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Steve Semmens – The Persuader, has run his own successful businesses for over 19 years, after 20 years of significant management experience managing other peoples businesses and in the corporate world. Steve is not inclined to tell people how to run their companies, but instead offer practical commonsense strategies, to improve and streamline people resources, policies, and procedures. He seeks to assist you in developing realistic goals and work with you and your managers on a project by project basis to ensure your objectives are implemented and successfully achieved. Steve looks to help you and your team grow your business and be part of your success for many years to come.

The Persuader business models are flexible and change easily and organically, adjusting to the effects of the ebb and flow of the business, political, and global landscapes. Steve actively encourages “Mastermind” meetings between our clients to regularly discuss challenges, work collaboratively together,  share resources, and celebrate successes.

Our Vision:

“The Persuader vision is to provide access to critical business concepts, knowledge, and experience to Regional Business Owners, Executives, and their Staff. Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to become self sufficient in resolving their own challenges, assisting them to achieve both personal and professional goals, resulting in success for the individual and developing great leaders in the process!”

Our mission is:

To help Business Owners and Executives to build high performance companies, focused on eight eternal building blocks created, one step at a time!

1. A compelling vision

2. A Higher Purpose

3. Strong ethics and values

4. Quality Products and Services

5. Empower and Invest in your people

6. Motivate the Individual

7. Love and care for your customers

8. Lead from the top, Lead from the bottom

Reasons why a client may engage a Professional Business Coach:

  • To be accountable to someone. Several of my clients have engaged me to keep them accountable with the goals and direction they have set as they are prone to procrastinate and not action difficult plans or make decisions
  • To be a sounding board. Most of my clients are entrepreneurial by nature and need someone they can trust to hear new ideas and give them honest feedback
  • To brainstorm solutions to everyday business issues. Once we take a client out of their business to work on their business, and not in it, we resolve issues very quickly!
  • To have someone in their corner
  • To help facilitate strategies and goal setting
  • To monitor progress on mutually set goals
  • To Receive objective recommendations and advice
  • To build confidence
  • To motivate them to make changes

Steve Semmens’ approach to business coaching is uncanny. His ability to deftly mix key principles critical to the foundation of any business with his personalized delivery has been critical to the development of my company.

Steve has ‘business empathy’. That is, practical business advice that draws on his vast pool of corporate, government and small business acumen. Through his engaging dialogue, Steve has taken the time to understand my personal motivation, core business values and my personal life.

He has kept a firm eye on my business viability and does so with discernment in maintaining my work life balance.

It has been his ability to astutely explore, challenge and support my business development process that differentiates Steve as a business coach. His advice is wrapped in a story, enshrined in sound business principles, delivered with a challenge and a broad smile.

Steve’s advice to me has been chunked into achievable parts, yet it remains connected to the broad goals of my business. The developmental goals we set are meticulously followed-up as he works along side me.

He has brought an entrepreneurial flare to our conversations and on the tough days, when business is overwhelming he lightens and entertains me while carefully seeding my next steps to overcome my immediate concerns.

Steve Semmens is my business coach for good reason and if you are entertaining the idea then he should be yours!

Peter Sutton

Social & Business Strategist, Kai Ming Consulting