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Board Evaluations

Our Board Performance Evaluation process recognises the importance and value of Directors and seeks to enhance continuous governance improvement, identifying major strengths of individual Board Members, and using a holistic approach to identifying any skills gaps on the board as a whole, to assist with future succession planning.   

It is recommended to run externally facilitated board evaluations every three to four years to ensure the board is functioning effectively to the best of its directors abilities and in the best interests of the organisation. 

Board Performance Evaluation:    

Our process will identify the main strengths of each Director and match these skills sets with those already identified as requirements of your Board. We will then conduct a one day session to review the Boards performance against the Key Performance Areas in your most recent Strategic Plan. 

What is the purpose and objectives of the evaluation? 

  • Continuous governance improvement 
  • To identify board performance improvement opportunities 
  • Review boards performance against key performance areas  

What will be evaluated? 

  • The Board as a whole 
  • Individual Directors Strengths – (Strengthscope Analysis and Debrief) 
  • The Chairperson 

What evaluation method will be used?   

  • Interview and debrief with each Director and the CEO 
  • Strengthscope Analysis 
  • Facilitation session  

What should be the outcomes from the facilitation session?   

  • Resulting improvement actions should be agreed 
  • A Board improvement plan 
  • Personal Director development plans 
  • Specific and measurable KPA’s  
  • To be monitored and reviewed throughout the year 
  • Succession plan of key positions