Referee’s are VIP’s!

It is amazing how many reference checks we do where the candidate has not asked their Referee for permission to use them as a Referee. Some are very surprised and get quite upset. You can hardly blame them. It also reflects badly on the candidate.

Referees need to be treated like VIP’s at all times. They put their reputation on the line whenever they give out a reference. Often they have a conflict with their company’s policy of not giving references. Giving several references for the same candidate can also take up a considerable amount of a Referees time. Many of whom are very busy Managers.

I would suggest the following:

1. Always ask a Referees permission before forwarding their name and contact details to potential Employers or Recruiters.

2. Give your Referees a regular update on the types of roles you are applying for.

3. Ask a Referee to highlight any achievements that are relevant to the role you are applying for.

4. Find out when is the best time for a Recruiter or potential Employer to ring them.

5. When you get the job take your Referee’s out for a drink or a meal to say thank you and to celebrate your success.

Remember Referee’s are VIP’s!