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Behavioural Analysis Questionnaire and 1 hour Debrief


This covers the cost of all coaching including 360 feedback in a 1 hour debrief via Zoom with The Persuader Business Coach.

In this highly competitive business world it pays to have confidence in the tools you use when managing your most important resource – your people. And here’s 3 reasons why the Extended DISC® will set your mind at ease –

1. The Extended DISC® cannot be tricked! Other behavioural analysis programs and questionnaires can be (and often are) answered by people in the way they believe the employer would like them to answer. With Extended DISC® profiles we know when someone has tried to beat the system. The fail-proof measures built into the system means that if someone does try to manipulate the answers, the reports will come back invalid.

2. The reports are simple to administer – all that you need to do is complete a quick and easy 10-15 minute questionnaire. This ensures there is minimal disruption to your working day.

3. The questionnaire is done completely online, so it can be done anywhere in the world regardless of location.




Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis Objectives:

To guide and assist in the following:

  1. Identify your individual strengths, challenges, and areas of improvement with team communication and harmony
  2. Develop plans strategies and training to assist you with all aspects of internal and external communication
  3. Identify your attributes as a leader
  4. Identify your potential as a successful Entrepreneur
  5. Identify areas of personal development and growth